Friday, April 16, 2004

Your daily reading assignment

I know, I know, so late on the new content today. Hey - we had to save workers' comp or something this morning.

The Vietnam Analogy, part 8567
Read The New York Times > Opinion >Krugman today:

And there's one more parallel: Nixonian politics is back.

What we remember now is Watergate. But equally serious were Nixon's efforts to suppress dissent, like the "Tell It to Hanoi" rallies, where critics of the Vietnam War were accused of undermining the soldiers and encouraging the enemy. On Tuesday George Bush did a meta-Nixon: he declared that anyone who draws analogies between Iraq and Vietnam undermines the soldiers and encourages the enemy.

And Nader - you son of a bitch - how you look in the mirror in the morning:

Seems public enemy number one wants Michael Moore to end his dalliance with the Democratic Party and return to his anti-establishment roots.

Seems Nader sent Moore an open letter calling him out on his support for Clark and welcoming him back to the fold. A Nader aide said "the letter is Nader 'just having a little fun' and should not be viewed as a sign the campaign is having trouble garnering support."

Just having a little fun? Your little fun last time kinda helped lead to this little fun.

And because there just isn't enough Catholic School Girl Wrath covered on the web these days, here's a story on schoolgirls attacking a flasher.

Have a good weekend, phoblogs. Keep reading and commenting . . . and fighting the man.

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