Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Winning Hearts and Minds

The younger brother of Al-Iraqiya television driver Hussein Saleh weeps at his brother's funeral in Baghdad. U.S. troops shot Saleh and correspondent Asaad Kadhim.

How long will it take to reprogram him into liking us and supporting our mission? And before you indict me for trying to be anti-troop, I don't blame the soldier who pulled the trigger. I blame the policy that put him there and the system that asked him to perform a duty for which it didn't train him.

And regardless, this young boy could likely be the next evil doer we have to take out. You don't forget that kind of pain, do you?

[update: it occurs to me (lord, how I abhor that phrase), as I think about this post, how right a former professor/boss of mine was when she exclaimed over my newly-re-liberalized views. She's right. Though it's a simplistic conclusion. I'm still a mix on a lot of issues, and I still think my beloved party botches things left and right and has a dangerous neocon/passify-the-right-and-the-voters streak. But do I sound like a knee-jerking, tree-hugger when it comes to war issues. You bet. Is there a part of me that worries that someday I'll pull a Kerry and try to put a less-emphatic spin on my anti-war rhetoric (as I heard him do re: Vietnam on Meet the Press). A safer bet yet. Someone remind me later, okay? It's easy to turn it all into "not that big a deal," but it shouldn't be. It is a big deal and it is okay to get a little wild-eyed about American lives and the future of our country.]

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