Monday, April 12, 2004

Who should mourn? How?

The headline alone gives you the slant:Comforter-in-chief keeps his distance / Unlike other governors, Schwarzenegger hasn't gone to soldiers' funerals. Not that I disagree with the bottom line. Though I think it's more Bush's responsibility to show that he's even aware that there are boys and girls dying at his command. But if he won't step up, maybe other would-be leaders can show him how.

Check out this for zing-y-ness:

Schwarzenegger's low profile on military deaths belies the otherwise populist, hands-on nature of his nascent administration. He continues to phone business owners whom his staff has found to be pondering a move from California, for instance.

Davis attended some funerals. But, himself a veteran, his presence was probably more heartfelt and less likely to produce a circus as Arnold's would be. Sometimes showing up is enough. Sometimes not showing up is more meaningful. And for many families, as the article says, there must be a thought of "you didn't know my child/father/sister" anyway.

But there should be some kind of action. And from the president, something more visible still. And the coffins should be shown in Dover. Ignoring the pictures doesn't mean the events aren't taking place.

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