Friday, April 02, 2004


Mostly, anyway.

Another fantastic column in today's NYT (they have good people, it turns out) from Bob Herbert on the continuing tragedy that is the Iraq war.

The only part I question is the assertion that Bush watched television coverage of Falluja. This would run counter to everything the administration has ever said about the Prez's [non-existant] viewing habits. He has minions for that, don't you know. They get the outrage and the horror, he gets the highlights somewhere between carting around his wanna-be-Fala and crawling around his office making bad jokes.

But really, READ THIS COLUMN and then ponder a way out of this mess. If you come up with a good one, please share it . . . .

[note: I blog to the New York Times pretty regularly. A few people have mentioned that the site requires a login, which is true. But registration is free and they don't spam you or sell your info, as far as I can tell. It takes a few seconds and once you're logged on at your regular computer, you stay logged in. So I highly recommend you just register and be done with it.]

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