Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Sorry, still not buying your paradigm

Worse yet, the administration never bothered to educate the American people on the nature of war amid uncertainty. The president did not stress beforehand that it was necessary to act, even though some of his suppositions would inevitably prove to be incorrect.

When you read the Shultz speech, you get the impression the country is aging backward. Twenty years ago we had a leader who treated us like adults, mature enough to cope with harsh uncertainties. Now we're talked to as if we're children, which, if you look at the hypocrisy-laden terror debate, is about what we deserve.

The Uncertainty Factor

I'm not even entirely sure who he's slamming here, but I think it's we the people even as he sorta backhands the current Administration. Sorta. Not even, really. Though it does demonstrate, as was predicted, the necons distancing themselves from the administration that did everything they wanted it to, failed accordingly, and was left holding the bag. Whoops. It'd almost be funny if not for the deaths of a few hundred soldiers and a few thousand Iraqis.

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