Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Shameless Cross Promotion - then back to the real news:

This is from my other life -

Attention Young Democrats:

We have a simple question for you: What do you call hundreds of democrats coming together in a beautiful Southern California city to work together to take back Washington, the White House, and the Governor's office? We call it the perfect time and place to hold SPRING CONFERENCE!

That's right, folks, join us for the 2004 CYD Spring Conference - Saturday, May 1, in sunny San Diego at the Marina Village Conference Center for a day of training, planning, networking, and building the Democratic spirit that will carry us to Victory in November! Come learn valuable opposition research skills, learn to organize, meet up with and sign up to help out with tight Dem races, and get the inside scoop on the California Democratic Party which will be meeting next door in their Executive Board meeting. We'll also be helping former CYD Board members Ed and Silissa get their chance to represent young dems in their run for the DNC!

Democrats, young and formerly young, will be in San Diego on Saturday, May 1 - where will you be?

Here's the stats:

What: 2004 CYD Spring Conference
When: Saturday, May 1, 2004
Where: Marina Village Conference Center, San Diego, CA 9:00am until we can't party anymore!
How much?: $15 per person if you sign up before April 25. $20 per person after and at the door.
Where do we stay?: We'll be sending you a list of local hotels and helping you out - but accommodations are up to you.
Where do I sign up?: We'll have on-line sign ups coming soon. Before then, however, you can sign up by sending the following information to

(long email address? sure it is, but it's also a shameless plug for my new website - a place for you - the next gen great minds of our democracy - to meet and rant - and it's a free email account).

(*required by law)

Then make out and mail your CHECK for $15/$20 to: California Young Democrats, c/o Alex De Ocampo, 12309 Burbank Blvd. #27, Valley Village, CA 91607

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Praise?
Contact your Spring Conference co-chairs at

We'll see you in San Diego on May 1st - book those tickets and set up those carpools now. Spread the word!

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