Monday, April 26, 2004

Pomp under what circumstance?

So, did he or didn't he? That's today's question, following up on the Medal-tossing almost nominee John Kerry.

Here's another question, to what extent does it matter? Ah - but we all know the answer to that. In this, as in nearly every presidential/nominee controversy of the past some-odd years, the answer is: we don't care, it's the fact that you botched your story that matters.

Less is more people, from accessorizing to explaining 30 year old actions. Running for office is like playing dizzy-bat, you know, that retarded game that usually comes as a part of or in addition to my other personal favorite, slosh ball. You stick your forehead down on a baseball bat, spin around a requisite number of times, then stand up and try to run the bases. Usually, the person stands up, looks in the direction he/she wants to head, but veers off somewhere nutty before taking more than a step.

Get it?

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