Monday, April 05, 2004

Phoblog hit parade

Checking on how my site is doing in the little-blog-that-could contest that is the internet today, here are some interesting google hits:

BlogPulse is an "Automated Trend Discovery for Weblogs." Huh? According to the site it's:
BlogPulse Key Phrases, Key People, BlogBites, and Top Links are mined daily from new entries in over 750,000 weblogs using machine learning algorithms and natural language processing techniques. BlogPulse mines for bursty phrases and person names instead of for the most popular ones. The most popular phrases and names change very slowly over time. The burstiest phrases and names are those whose frequency of occurrence has increased significantly over the past two weeks, often dramatically.

Phoblog came in at #19 on March 24, 2004 for it's post on Minister Shaul Mofaz - where it was used as the "sample context" example. Was it because Phoblog is such a savvy eye on today's world? Nah - it was because a complex algorithm chose Phoblog at random. But you know what - I'll take that.

Phoblographer* (yes, the asterisk is part of the full name, just to keep you on your toes) is also a featured blog link on Around the Capitol (thanks, Scott!).

Lastly, thanks to for linking to the phoblog. Don't know who you are, but you have a great name.

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