Tuesday, April 13, 2004

A Historic Mission

The story so far -

Bush is talking and I'm about to pass out from frustration and anger. Not really - strength comes from composure - I am composed.


"There is serious violence in SOME areas" - yes, the "some" was emphasized, not harshly, but subtly

He says he'll send more troops if necessary.

"We're not an imperial power as nations such as Germany and Japan can attest; we're a liberating power as nations in Europe and Asia can attest." - This deserves some careful analysis.

"The people know where I stand" - with regards to his response to the pre 9/11 warnings, missteps, allegations against him, etc. Shoot can't read my notes - maybe it's about WMD, the subjects are so conflated. The subtext - not that sub, either - that I can't prove anything about anything, but I know what I know. And you the press aren't helping. Me and the American people - the REAL AMERICANS know what's up.

Yet as he continues speaking I'm struck with the realization that his mouth continues to write checks our bodies will cash.

"We're changing the world," says the President. Whether America is safer or not remains to be seem.

But wait - there's more -
work called an interupted - though nothing's really more important - here's what I heard as I came back to the conference.

"Freedom is not America's gift to the world, it is the Almighty's gift to the world" so it's our mission to get it out there. I'm so glad there's no theological ideology guiding our country - WAKE UP AMERICA.

In closing, he offered: "When I say something, I mean it and the credibility of the US" is essential to peace and freedom or something - yes I need to get the correct quote - keep reading - faithful 6 readers.

How can he claim credibility when we've been shown wrong again and again. And how is the tautological poetry of "when I say something, I mean it" a valid grounds for US foreign policy?

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