Sunday, April 11, 2004

Go read this blog

Talking Points Memo: by Joshua Micah Marshall

Everything from today back to this April 9 post is great. That post, in fact, ends in art. Read it and it's links. What will we tell the children, indeed.

So far this project, this site, has been more educational for me than it has been for my four-and-falling readers. It's no bother, really. It keeps me reading and ranting and writing. I used to have another outlet for that - but this will do for now. A poor substitute to be sure.

There's so much content out there. Those aggregators out there churning and posting and collecting and depositing the musings of hundreds of thousands of bloggers, news writers, columnists, etc. Too much. Easy to get lost. The truth goes first. What do you have left when you're sifting or panning for gold? The gold and the random, worthless crap that gets stuck with it. Our task is to dump the obviously bad info out.

Blogging helps. Newspapers help. Common sense would help a lot, but there isn't much anymore.

So if you are reading this. Go read Josh's blog too. Then start reading it first. We say the same thing sometimes - independently - which makes me feel smart, if late to the party. Pass it all around to your friends. Don't feel self-conscious about your work to find the truth. Don't fall in line. Don't march in place.

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