Monday, April 19, 2004

Facts schmacts

"The United States was attacked on Sept. 11, 2001, by Al Qaeda, not Iraq," writes Bob Herbert in today's Op-Ed.

He also refers to the President's apparent belief, "as he suggested at his press conference last week, that he is carrying out a mission that has been sanctioned by the divine."

This alone, above nearly all other evidence, should ring alarms in the hearts and minds of every American, and inspire head-slapping frustration by those in the Middle East. How can the President, with a straight face, argue this war and his actions based on religious merit? God told you to do what, again? Because "Allah" - also God - told some other guys to do something too, and as I recall, we weren't too happy about it.

There is little evidence in the New Testament, the part of the bible to which Bush should be turning, if he's really the born-again, morally clear guy he claims to be, to suggest that Jesus loves a warrior. There is no love in war. No hope in death. No faith in broken bodies.

The rhetoric is getting as murky as the dessert during a sandstorm. All these swirling words and mixing metaphors have confused our path. I hope the voters use the necessary verbs to get us out of this wasteland.

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