Thursday, April 15, 2004

Digital Phoblography

I think digital photography is to traditional photography what $1 WalMart Klimt Posters are to an actual Klimt. Nice for college kids, gen-whatever-ers, clever and cutting edge and less work, but not art. That being said I just got a digital camera that I love. Anyway, the labored point I'm making here is that sometimes, you laze-out on something. Like I'm about to do on the recent developments on Israeli-US policy. Though frankly, you can call it lazy, or you can call it refusing to reinvent the wheel. Yes, I know, the whole metaphor has broken completely down at this point - but hey, in most respects, Sylvia Plath I ain't.

My point is - read Josh Marshall on the implications of Bush's actions. I'm still new to this area of foreign policy - so I'd rather let the professionals handle it.

I'll work on that digital photography metaphor . . . . Hey, maybe that can be my pop culture post that Crystal has been waiting for . . .

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