Thursday, April 01, 2004

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Okay, the site problems are fixed now - so I can get back to bitching about - well - most everything.

So, John Kerry seems to be taking a bit of a break these days, which should cause concern among Dems old enough to remember 1988, according to this New York Times article.

He's had shoulder surgery and a ski vacation all while the world has been spinning (as in, on-its-axis and the-truth). Some Dems recall the Dukakis downtime that helped Bush I into office. Others, including me, are just worried that Bush has done a great job defining Kerry already:

"Here's what concerns me in the long term: I can tell you what George Bush's definition of John Kerry is: He is a flip-flopping liberal who wants to raise your taxes," said a Democratic strategist who did not want to be quoted by name. "But I'm not sure I can tell you what John Kerry's definition of George Bush is.`

By contrast, in a sign that the White House has figured out what to say about Mr. Kerry, the senator was greeted on Tuesday in California by Bush supporters who held up black plastic flip-flops and clapped them together as Mr. Kerry tried to speak.

See, now THAT's funny. Flip-flops! Dammit, we don't have that yet. I don't know what Bush "is" yet. "Is" as in our message.

Kerry's aides say he's about to start and "aggressive" speaking schedule and a "national wave of television advertisements challenging Mr. Bush on the economy, job creation and health care."

Ah. K. I feel better. Economy, jobs, health care. Excellent. I guess we focus on this because, as the Dean pollster said (shoot, I think it was that article, anyway) the anti-war base is already going to be behind Kerry, so we need to reach out to the middlers, the jobs and econ and - as DLC would say - the neglected middle class (who's just so tired of hearing about death and blood and stuff happening so far away).

But then again, Kerry is now OUR candidate right? Would it kill him to run something that reflected the part of the Democratic Party that sees foreign affairs as the rottenest plank in the American policy platform?

Economy, jobs, health care. Right. Dems can't win on defense issues, so why keep saying what Bush is doing is wrong. If, at the end of the day, we won't win if we bring it up, then don't. But it takes a lot for me to trust that you, Mr. Kerry, will do the right thing if you aren't talking about it, loud and proud, right now.

He's still my candidate. I still support him. But I want the best from him. Starting now.

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