Monday, April 05, 2004

And I thought the nutty fruitcake was only at the Ath

Claremont Professor's Past Is a New Puzzle

Ah yes, we made the front page again. Though I will, again, write to the Times to remind them that there are 5 distinct, autonomous colleges in Claremont. Identifying students as "19-yr-old sophomores" and not saying where they are sophomores annoys me. And for the 5,000th time, the cross-burning did not occur at CMC, nor, to my knowledge, has it been attributed to any CMCer.

This chick is crazy. Her friend chalks up her shoplifting to a student doing "goofy" things sometimes. A student? She's 39 now. These arrests were from 1999, making her - well - way the hell not of goofy student age when she five fingered the Enzos. Youthful indiscretions, right? Riiiiight.

So, read it and weep, fellow Stags and Athenas. But please, don't withhold your donations - no need to penalize the next generation. You can, however, feel free to earmark them for anything BUT the psych department. (sorry Murphy)

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