Thursday, March 04, 2004

Welcome, weary travelers . . .

. . . Those tired from too much trail time, fatigued by faulty coverage, subdued by status quo rantings.

This is an updated introduction for those just emailed about this project. I like to think of myself as a Leader (thanks, Claremont), but sometimes, you have to follow. Trends, mainly. And who doesn't have a blog these days? Eventually, I hope to have a website. But for now, this free blog will do just fine. There's so much noise in the netiverse that I don't expect much traffic. But the Chronicle did publish an op-ed of mine once - so that's at least one piece of evidence that others can be interested in my opinions.

I read a lot of news everyday - though many, okay, one person, probably doubts that highly. And the Google toolbar (a must-download if you don't have it), has this great "Blog this" button that makes sharing my rants with you so easy it's criminal. But it also saves you from an email box full of my mind. So you should be thankful.

This is just one voice. But big things start with one or two voices. Here's mine. I don't have a fancy mission statement. Sometimes I don't even have a clue. But now I have a forum - one to which you're invited as often as you'd to share ideas or call me crazy, praise me or damn me (or simply file material for later oppo). I hope to provide shovels for the professionals, things with which they can help bury what needs burying (bad ideas, bad presidents, but never truth) - or uncover what needs uncovering.

To drench in meaning - to make sure nothing is lost on me or on you or on us. It's pretty much all we can do, isn't it?

A note on this blog's name: It’s hard to be original, isn't it? Don't pick something cutesy or eye-roll-inducing. Don't pick something obvious or easily lost in translation or variation. But "cd's blog" just didn't seem edgy enough. And any play on something political or partisan or ideological or movement-based would've limited my reach.

It took awhile, but I once convinced someone intelligent of the importance of photographs. Why photography was as much an art as painting, despite the use of a machine. It can only see what we tell it to see, yet we can't tell others how to see it. We control the focus, aperture, duration, composition, and contrast, yet we cannot control the resulting impact. Photographs require a minimum of four eyes to have Meaning, like all art. I was never good at drawing or painting, but I can use a camera - just as fiction is not my strong suit, but observation, what one college professor called "creative journalism" is.

And so Phoblographer* is born. You can see the "blog" part and now understand better why it's inserted into the photographer's role. The * is shorthand for what motivates me (always).

So if you read it, I hope you enjoy it. If you don't, I don't blame you - I forget to check even the really good blogs, like Talking Points Memo (link on the left), with enough regularity.

But just think - if I ever become Someone - you can say you read me when . . . .

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