Tuesday, March 09, 2004

UC Officials Note Racial Disparity in Admissions

"Even though state law bans preferences for minorities, black and Latino high school seniors who applied to University of California campuses last year were accepted for admission in numbers somewhat higher than appear warranted, UC officials reported Monday. "

Higher than warranted?

It's funny - or perhaps completely, uh, warranted - that different policy arguments raise the ire of different parts of my genetic makeup. This one gets my Mexican pissed off.

"But UC Regent Ward Connerly, a critic of affirmative action who was a leader in the Proposition 209 campaign, said the gap between those who deserved to be admitted and those who actually were admitted might actually be wider than the UC report suggests."

"Moores' analysis, however, helped launch a debate on whether the university's policy in recent years of considering personal factors, such as hardship, alongside academic qualifications has weakened the caliber of students."

Weakened the caliber of students? Based on what? Their numbers? Their paper-based personalities? Is it possible we have a more qualified, experienced, broadly talented student body in California?

There's frequently a disconnect between numerical achievement and actual achievement. I look great on paper if you leave the numbers off. In fact, I'm one hell of a catch. Wanna know what my SATs were? Not great.

Disgruntled caucasian parent, I know you're sad that you spent $1k on little Timmy's Kaplan course (that kept him from interacting with his friends, from growing or finding passions or talents), and he got 1560 And the big kiss-off from Cal. But you know what - whatever brown child got in "in his place" probably left more of a mark on that campus - and will leave more of a mark on the world - than little Timmy and his 1560 points worth of qualification could ever dream of.

UC Officials Note Racial Disparity in Admissions

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