Monday, March 08, 2004

Too hard to choose one quote from this column to paste here

Here's Maureen Dowd's column on the pop of John Kerry. There are some troubling parts - like his saying SNL is his favorite TV show (one can only hope he commented on it's uneven performance since it's deserved Emmy nod a few years back - otherwise, what does that say about his sense of humor?)

"Mr. Kerry is not a simple brush-clearing, ESPN-watching fellow. Just as he has an almost comically vast palette of aggressive masculine sports and hobbies, with costumes and gear, he has a vast palette of cultural preferences."

Some people will hit him on this - saying it strengthens the oppo's message that JOHN KERRY CANNOT MAKE UP HIS MIND. And yet, I'm starting to grow fond of the guy - ever since that shot of him orange-bowling on his campaign plane (if it was staged - give that staffer a raise). I too could be just as happy reading pulp trash as a Biography of An Important Person. I could be just as happy knitting as holding public office (as long as no one forces the former on me). If John Kerry likes everything - great. At least he's tried it.

I have a feeling no one ever made GWB try foods he didn't think he'd like. I bet he goes to El Gato Gordo for dinner and orders the Gringo Burger.

Op-Ed Columnist: J.F.K., Marilyn, ?Camelot?

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