Wednesday, March 31, 2004

They need an attitude adjustment.

Chin up Iraq!

Fred Barnes thinks you need to buck up, lil' democracy!

He has some other choice words for you, Iraq. You're "sullen and suspicious and conspiracy-minded." (Just for the record, so am I, and so should any American with at least a 3d grade reading level and a quarter to buy a newspaper).

At least he gets one thing right: "Rather than professionalized, the Iraqi press has become politicized." It must be really awful to live in a country where people get their news from a politicized organization rather than an upstanding, bows-to-no-one, fair and balanced news organization.

But here, sigh, is the best part, saved for last - the perfect cadence on which to end this lesson for Iraq:

"I'd like to see one other thing in Iraq, an outbreak of gratitude for the greatest act of benevolence one country has ever done for another. A grateful Iraqi heart would be a sign of a new Iraqi attitude and a signal of sure success."

The greatest act of benevolence ever.


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