Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Spring Break

Heading to Margaritaville . . .

Okay, maybe not quite, but this week is Spring Break for many youngsters out there, so why not for me. Travels earlier in the year mean that I don't get this whole week - but there's still some time to head for points south, sunny and sandy. Of course, there's a nasty SoCal phenom known as June Gloom to deal with. Yes, yes, it's March, but it's also 85 degrees here in Sacramento, so guess what, the whole state is acting like it's summer already. For good weather, I should probably stay here. But there's booze in the blender elsewhere, so down I go, some quality time with my roots to heal what ails me. No Mexico, no Senor Frogs craziness. But some flip-flopped beach strolls are in order.

This Phoblographer needs to be a good worker today and might not have web access this weekend - so, dear four readers, take this time to catch up and comment, comment, comment - because content shouldn't be a one way street.

But since you asked - here's an article on Iraq.
For Iraqis in Harm's Way, $5,000 and 'I'm Sorry'

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