Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Ouch, poor Dean

I hear from a friend who was on the campaign that this is pretty much 100% accurate - regardless of your geographic location - this tension pervaded everywhere.

I don't think I believe this is true, but it just highlights why you should always know how the people see things. And they see them by watching television:

"We didn't get to see television because we were on the road all the time," she said. "We had absolutely no idea it was being played all the time."

All the talk about loyalty was interesting too. The far reaching end of that is someone offing themselves because they can't figure out how to make loyalty and reality fit together - like that character in Primary Colors (or was that just in the movie?).

The first time I saw the movie "The Candidate," I didn't understand the significance of the matchbook that said "you win." Guess Dean got it too late to figure out what he wanted. Divide and Bicker

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