Monday, March 08, 2004

News with a capital 'Duh'

CNN is omnipresent in most legislative offices. Over my shoulder, Wolf tells me Kerry drops a "bombshell" - apparently Kerry says that other world leaders have told him they want Bush out of the White House. "Unnamed foreign leaders are supporting his bid for the White House."

So brings two points to mind:

1.) The GOP rapid response: Look! Traitor! Foreign leaders want him to win? Of course they do, they are enemies of the American people, so they want an enemy of the American people, an unpatriotic Mass liberal who can't help but flip flop because he has no backbone, to be President.

"It won't be long until the White House calls him the French candidate." - CNN commentator.

2.) DUH! That's what gets me about media coverage of politics and government. It's the preaching to the lowest common denominator. This wide-eyed, can you believe what the rest of the world thinks, naivate.

The rest of the world is capable of thinking for itself, is within its rights to express those opinions, and has the benefit of a far-sighted, outsider perspective. But don't worry - we've never gone wrong parading ourselves as better-than-you know-it-alls. Everyone loves us. We've been good neighbors.

Duh, honestly, just Duh.

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