Friday, March 26, 2004

'For Bush, elusive WMD become a laughing matter'

For the mothers and lovers of fallen soldiers, however, I'd guess it's not so funny.

Bush was at a dinner for US television journalists and employed one of the age old save-your-ass political tactics: self-deprecating humor. Unlike Clinton poking fun at his lame-duck-ness by scooting around OEOB hallways, Bush is poking fun at his failure to find WMD in Iraq.

Funny, funny, no?

Except, haven't, like, a bunch of people died in Iraq? And didn't they die because Iraq definitely had WMD that they were going to use on us - and soon?

Those who study comedy know that one of the most powerful things about it is the ability to trap your target by forcing him to say "That's not funny," sternly and seriously. Which, of course, makes the target all the more laughable. It bind the audience and the comedian against a common enemy.

Who's the enemy here? Democrats? Doves? Hippie-liberals who don't love their country? How about the dead soldiers? Where would they weigh in?

Mr. Bush, I'm not going to say "that's not funny," I'm going to say thanks for illustrating the level of your inability to comprehend the severity of what you've done - both to America and to 572 dead Americans. I'm not going to say "that's not funny," because I can appreciate and even applaud gallows humor. But you have to realize you reveal a little more of your soul-less self when you use what, to some, would be effective and dark irony, in a shallow, one-note-joke way.

Bush has shown perfectly how the deft employment of humor can exemplify and amplify a message. The message here seems to be "whoops!."

And someday soon, Americans will realize that's no laughing matter.

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