Tuesday, March 16, 2004


So, you eager readers, today is your lucky day. Or my unlucky day, depending on how this works.

I've used the free service CommentThis to add to my blog the ability to - you guessed it - comment on posts. Because this is a free, lower-tech commenting program, I have no power to edit or delete posts. And neither do you. So, if you have something thoughtful, funny, praising, angry, disagreeable, or insulting-but-intellectually-so to say, go ahead. But keep in mind it will be there forever and, as many a bumper sticker in San Francisco will tell you, mean people suck.

Behave yourselves, please.

This is lucky for me because it gives me feedback on the site. It's unlucky for me because if all my posts say "Comments - 0" after them I won't look too cool, will I?

Knock yourselves out, my faithful four readers.

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