Monday, March 29, 2004

The Chron is having a good day - and the phoblog is tired

So here are some reading assignments - don't ever accuse me of leaving you contentless in a barren webscape

On Bush and Kerry taping the Bank o' Cali for bucks: California a gold mine of donations for both Kerry, Bush / State is No. 1 in contributions to Democrat, No. 2 for president

On Whistle-blowers and the Countries that love them (or not): Daniel Ellsberg sees a new trend -- telling all while the issue is hot

And check out FOP, Jim Pinkerton's piece on Clarke at | Shooting the messenger

Ah, nah, I don't think the NSF will take any right-wing heat for funding Berkeley's creation (soon, you'll recognize the pun of that word choice) of an evolution site for "beleaguered" science teachers. Yes, it's still 2004, but apparently science still needs a little help: Evolution education down to a science on Web / UC Berkeley experts offer advice on facing 'pitfalls'

And, so you don't accuse me of relentless west-coast-bias - here's some NY Times highlights:

Women's rights, no press rights, gee, glad we're giving them the democracy they deserve: G.I.s Padlock Baghdad Paper Accused of Lies

From the "Boy are my cheeks red" Dept in OEOB: President Asked Aide to Explore Iraq Link to 9/11

Ah, yes, we're starting to remember a few things now, aren't we boys. And girl? Best line: "Ms. Rice 'has appeared everywhere except my local Starbucks,' Richard Ben-Veniste, a member of the commission, said in an interview. 'For the White House to continue to refuse to make her available simply does not make sense.'"

And, finally, the always fun Maureen Dowd on the Daddy issue: Who's Your Daddy Party?.

Best part of this was another image of just how twisted Bush is in his view of the world and his actions in it - as evidenced by his sense of humor:

"The president seems oblivious to the swelling doubts about his policy in an Iraq sulfurous with treachery and blood. On Wednesday, he went to a press dinner here and made light of the fact that his rationale for invasion has evaporated. "Those weapons of mass destruction have got to be somewhere," he cracked, showing a photo of himself searching under a table in the Oval Office.

This was awkward for some, because the dinner also featured the first presentation of an award named for David Bloom and a speech by his wife, Melanie. Mr. Bloom, the NBC correspondent who died in Iraq, probably would not have been there without the hyped claims of W.M.D."

No, Mr. Bloom didn't die in combat, per se. The blood cot could've surfaced and nabbed him elsewhere - like too many days behind a desk working online. But being in a tank probably didn't help.

I was very fond of David Bloom - he was an excellent journalist whose coverage I sought out daily until his death nearly one year ago. I still remember hearing the bad news . . . vividly.

Happy reading all. There'll be more, better, later.

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