Friday, March 12, 2004

'The Camera Never Lies, but the Software Can'

This article in today's New York Times seems appropriate given the name of this little endeavor.

I've received a few questions about the name of the site - which is explained in one of my intro posts (March 4, below). This article speaks to the awesome power of images - not a breakthrough statement, to be sure. But some still hesitate to call photography art. It impacts life on several levels in the way most paintings don't, that's true (I doubt the Haystacks ever caused a candidate to dip in the polls, even the chilly Haystacks in winter). But they are us, captured, and we react accordingly.

War images are powerful - in fact - you're mind has probably already flashed its own war photo as you read this: a girl naked and screaming from napalm in Vietnam, a sailor passionately kissing in a New York street. They are art. They move us. But they can deceive as well. Perhaps it's that power that draws me to the medium. Alone in a dark room, chemicals, silver, and light create truth. Or lies. The choice is in what we capture and what we see.

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