Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Ah, bloggers

It's such a community out here in blogger land - and by community, I mean, raging, jealous, why-can't-I-have-the-best-car-on-the-block, blog envy. It's ugly. But it comes with the gig.

Today, a new and exciting game was brought to my attention by an FOP: Neocon Bingo

Kinda speaks for itself. But grab yourself a card and play today. Best boxes: those labeled "They hate our freedoms," and "no, it's not like Vietnam."

Sparetime and the internet - so bad for American productivity yet so good for the comedy, true patriotism, and breeding more sparetime.

For a nice synopsis of the neocon web, who fathered whom, who works for what publication backed by which nutcase, see the original Mike Lind piece that inspired the game.

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