Tuesday, February 10, 2004

'Top Billing'

Check out Dan Weintraub's most recent blog entry on our darling governor's newest self-honoring mechanism. It's awful - it defaces my dear Building. According to the Capitol museum curator this is the first time any governor in history has done this kind of tagging. From the blog:

"Arnold Schwarzenegger has just emblazoned his name in gold letters above the word "Governor" that has long been the only identification outside the chief executive's office in the Capitol. Staff say the addition is not a sign of a new cult of personality but instead a favor to tourists who are clamoring to have their pictures taken near something, anything, with the movie star's name on it. "Californians are extremely thrilled," says Press Secretary Margita Thompson, "to have a governor of whom they can be proud." Thompson said the 20 letters cost a total of $80 -- not including the labor for affixing the name to the wall."

Check out the link for the photo. It shines even more brightly in person.

California Insider - A Weblog by Sacramento Bee Columnist Daniel Weintraub

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