Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Reason Runs Out in Fulbright Squabble

Reason Runs Out in Fulbright Squabble

Honestly, Berkeley, get over yourself. Maybe I'm biased - okay, I am biased - but seriously, this entire story is laughable. It's another reason why California is mocked by the rest of the country. It's another example of our crazy sense of entitlement-without-responsibility. In short - if you haven't heard and haven't read about this yet - some fine folks at Berkeley called FedEx twice to pick up a set of students' applications for the Fulbright program. FedEx never showed. Did they rush to get it postmarked at a post office? No. Did they call UPS? No. Did they call FedEx a third time? No.

They simply let the package sit and go out a day late, DQ-ing the Berkeley grad students. Doh. But now Berkeley feels it's been wronged by FedEx and the Dept of Ed. Let me go ahead and toss out some Hadley v. Baxendale for you law types - how much damage can FedEx predict by not fulfilling its pick-up time? Not the many hundreds of thousands that Berkeley would like it to.

And the "Aren't we hot shit" award goes to Cal for this statement:

""Now, I'm being a bit argumentative," Miller said, "but all the other students in the country got an edge. For this year only, they got to compete for Fulbrights without 30 students from the University of California. Why is that a good thing?""

Dept of Ed is considering handing out SPECIAL AWARDS to these kids, though the money would have to come from Cal. They may have won in the past. What's to say they'd have won this year?

At any rate - yes, it is more than unfortunate for the Cal-kids - they got screwed. But this is 100% Berkeley's fault.

Time for this institution of higher learning to own up to its own lesson.

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