Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Hardwear Store

So thinking about religious jewelry, I can't help but wonder if legions of teenage faithfuls will wear "nail necklaces." I volunteer with a local Catholic youth group - so I'll take a poll.

The last big trend were those "W(hat)W(ould)J(esus)D(o)?" bracelets and whatnot.

On one level, those were much more positive - they focused on a living Christ and positive values, kindness, charity, selflessness, concern, sacrifice, and most of all, love.

What does a nail symbolize but his death? His death isn't the point. His resurrection is the point - and that's life. The nail isn't a good symbol of that.

Of course, on another level, you'd go a little nuts if you tried to do everything like Jesus did because he was, well, God. Pretty high standard.

But I'd still shy away from hardware. Or hardwear, as the case may be.

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