Thursday, February 05, 2004

Coming soon to a blog near you . . .

If I can ever get it done, I'll eventually have a journal account of my recent trip to New Hampshire.

Most people want to know why I was in New Hampshire at all. It wasn't to work for a specific candidate. I went because I wanted to see the candidates in a way that I just won't get to see them in my home state. I went to find someone to believe in. To find my Democratic, and democratic, heart. To reinforce my inner patriot (no, not the George Bush kind, the real, I-welcome-dissent-and-discussion kind). I went because I'm an American and I want my vote to count - and count for something.

So stay tuned - it's a fun story. In the meantime, if you want an erudite, highly educated, and accurate description of the NH primary, check out Talking Points Memo (the link is on the left) - I attended many of the same events as the Josh Marshall and, for the most part, agree with his analysis.

And for the record - regardless of how he's done thus far, or how he'll do in contests between now and March 2 - I'm for Dean.

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