Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Bush Plans To Back Marriage Amendment (

From the Washington Post:

"The White House strategy, designed to minimize alienation of moderate voters, calls for emphasizing that Bush is for traditional marriage, not against gay people"

Bush Plans To Back Marriage Amendment (

Ah - yes, there's that "alienation" again - so maybe I was quick to judge Fox News. I should've been angry at the administration. Or is that one of those 6 and 1/2 dozen situations?

He's not against gay people, just for traditional marriage. Define traditional? How many men in his family cheated on their wives? Or wives on their husbands? How many marriages end in divorce? What's traditional these days? Let's make divorce illegal. Better yet, let's make adultery laws more strict.

I wonder if the family law attorneys are against this proposal? Think about it - wouldn't it be great if they had more dissolutions to process each year? Actually, here's another thought - that many lawyers could probably blow out of the water, but here goes anyway: In my "professional responsibility" course i learned that lawyers aren't allowed to solicit divorce services because it's their primary duty to preserve the union. So lawyers who litigate on the anti side of gay marriage are preemptively working against the union, right? Of course, there's also the whole don't-do-things-that-run-counter-to-public-policy angle. And many say this is against public policy.

Still, marriage has a lot of misery and potential for heartbreak and anger associated with it. Why not allow everyone to join the fun?

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