Thursday, February 26, 2004

A.B. . . K?

Last night, I attended an Edwards event in Sacramento. It was old home week - I saw lots of Sacto types I hadn't yet run into since being back. Many of my fellow Italianos. Lots of former co-workers. And being there gave me a little bit of New-Hampshire-reverie (if such a thing is possible). There was waiting, shifting uncomfortably from foot to foot while standing on an unforgiving marble floor, Bob Mulholland - whole 9.

At one point, while discussing our various concerns over whom to support and how we'd made it to that event, that night, one friend said, "yeah, this is the Anybody But Kerry caucus."

So very well put.

I went to the speech partly because I'm a junkie like that, and partly because my former boss is his state campaign chair - so I figured maybe I was missing something. I was still hoping to hear the inspirational stump that had won so many fans across the country.

For the record - my boss was more energetic, more enthusiastic, and more vivacious than the candidate. Perhaps "more" isn't the best word - if there's a word for "different in a way that pleases me more," that's what he was.

Edwards's stump was verbatim what I'd heard in that cold NH church last month. Same punctuation, same hand movements, a little less rushed. He sort of got me more. But it may have been his speech combined with the Kerry campaign's call last weekend.

The part that got me was his segment on equal rights and his memories of seeing different drinking fountains and whatnot. As he waxing on and on about civil rights and equal rights and fair deals or whatever, it took everything in my power not to shout "what about gay marriage?"

But perhaps I'm unfair - none of our candidates says he's for gay marriage. They'll mince words just fine - civil unions yes, marriage, no - but they won't support actually treating all Americans equally. So what are we to do - I still think Dems will do a better job on rights than Reeps will - at least as long as the libertarian branch of the Reeps is tied down.

So it was good to hear him. But not surprising. I'm leaning Edwards now - but more out of cold calculation, than firey belief. Maybe the former makes more sense in the grand scheme of political things. But the latter felt so much better - especially on those cold, New Hampshire nights.

To put it mathematically, then: ABK < ABB.

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